Far From Rome, near to God - Von Rom zu Christus (Englisch)

Testimonies of Former Roman Catholic Priests


  3. Pilgrimage from Rome (Bartholow F.Brewer)

25. I was a Blind Leader of the Blind (Salvatore Gargiulo)

50,. From Tradition to Truth (Peter Richard Bennett)


 Testimonies of Former Roman Catholic Nuns


  1. From a Nun`s Convent to Biblical Conversion (Jacqueline Kassar)   NEW!

  2. A medical nun/Air Evac Nurse`s Story of Conversion to the truth (Lolly Harding)   NEW!

  3. Led by the Shepherd (Eileen Donnelly)   NEW!

  4. Finding True Freedom in Christ (Nancy Hohman)   NEW!

  6. The Unsearchable Ways of God (Mary C. Hertel)   NEW!

  7. God`s Word Needs No Authority Other Than Itself (Mary Ann Pakiz)   NEW!

  8. His banner over me is love (Jo Ellen Kaminski)

10. The Woman at the Well (Rocio Pestana Segovia)   NEW!

11. My Search for Peace - a Nun`s Story (Alicia Simpson)   NEW!

12. And the Truth Made Me Free (Sophia Tekien)   NEW!

13. Mother`s Vocation and God`s Grace (Donna Spader Shire)   NEW!

14. The Lord`s Providential call by Fire (Carmen Da Motta)   NEW!

15. This is my story (Doreen Eberhardt)   NEW!

16. A Labyrinthian Way (Eileen M.Doran)   NEW!

17. My Desire to do Good (Wilma Sullivan)   NEW!

19. (Karlene Lynn)

20. (Helene Hart)

25. (Agnès Beau)